name nation_genesis
description 0.10.0 (nation_genesis): - added first version of a user system (gf_identity) - adding first version of p2p system based on libp2p - initial version of gf_home, personal control panel for users - gf_admin added, for admin login and control of a particular GF server/node 0.9.0 (solo_learner): - new gf_solo service has been introduced, that compiles all other services into a single binary. - first additions of ML functionality. Addition of Rust code for collage composition and efficient building of .tfrecords from images. addition of basic ML models in Py. - various improvements to gf_core, around error handling, etc. improvements to gf_rpc_lib. 0.8.0 (precious): - OPEN_SOURCING!! GF has been open sourced. gf_publisher, gf_landing_page, gf_tagger have also been refactored to use the new error handling structure, thats in place for gf_images and gf_analytics (gf_crawl_lib). 0.7.4: - first prototype of the most basic image_editor (image filters/cropping) added. Still needs polish and integration of the UI into the rest of the system. - big refactor of how statistics are structured in all services, to standardize on gf_stats accross the whole system. all stats are now accessible via gf_analytics only, not in custom dashboards of each of the services themselves (this way expensive stats calculations are only run in the gf_analytics service machines, not on machines of other services that are expected to efficiently handle real-time requests). 0.7.3: - big refactor of error handling, a system wide gf_error code is now used. not all packages migrated yet, but core ones (gf_images,gf_crawl_lib,gf_analytics) are. 0.7.2: - small improvements in adding crawled_images to flows in the crawler dashboard. 0.7.1: - gf_crawl can move images discovered in HTML pages into image flows. This is done via UI's in the crawler dashboard at the moment. 0.7.0 (sparkly): - first round of GIF viewer/posting features. GIF's are now clickable/playable in the flows_browser, and can be added via the gf_chrome_ext. 0.6.0 (robust): - migrated system to multi-node cluster, separating key services to their own nodes. new cloud provider (GCP). 0.5.0 (raise): - addition of the "gf_crawl" application, which crawls the image-web for images from select sites. these images are then accessible in their own crawled/discovered image flow. "gf_crawl" functionality is working as a part of the gf_analytics service for now. 0.4.4: - addition of the "gf_domains" application. UI for it is publicly accessible, which for now gives basic stats an all domains discovered in lings in the GF DB. 0.4.3: - addition of the "flows" functionality to the "gf_images" application. 0.4.0: - rewrite of the entire backend in Golang, and the front-end in Typescript. major effort, and took over a year (if not longer) to complete, due to real-life coming in the way and tech experimentation happening. 0.2: - rewrote all services and most of the front-end in Dart, very few minor improvements added. 0.1: - initial Python backend and gf_image/gf_post data-model, using mongodb, most basic css styling. first introduction of a Chrome browser extension, for creating posts only (by adding images to them), no image flows. (~2010)
Git commit e470b485ebd782bc363ccbb74bbd9bee13f730ec